Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Life Today

Well, life to say the least has been extremely interesting lately. I am learning so much about my children, I had just assumed I already knew everything about them but they have dispelled those myths in the past several weeks that we begun our homeschooling journey together. It has definitely challenged me in ways I never thought it would and in ways I had anticipated. I have ran through a gamete of emotions over the past several weeks from joy to discouragement, laughter to tears, being surrounded by people to feeling isolated and utterly alone. So to say the least I have been stretched to capacity and am sure that I will continue to be. I love my family and am doing this because I know it is the journey that we are to take. I wish on the not so productive days I could curl up in bed and hide out under the covers but on the days that I see the joy, hear the laughter am privileged to answer the never ending questions, which BTW is a lot more often, I know that for us there is no turning back to our lives before... we are at home in our homeschooling! So I just take a deep breath let it all go and then thank God for this awesome opportunity which only comes along once in my lifetime. My family is the most important people and when I assess my life I know I complain and mumble, who doesn't? Then when I can take a moment to get my heart and my head together again~ I realize that I am called to nurture and care for these three beautifully amazingly awesome creations that God has blessed my husband and I with and that from the time they were born they have been learning about so many things from their father and I . I am fully equipped ~by God~ to teach my children.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! :0)